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Challenge yourself to master the seforim of Rambam that the Rebbe would campaign for us to learn.

Connect with dozens of high school girls around the world with the same goal.

Leave with the confidence and the skills to open any sefer on your own.

Transform your year.

Transform your life.

14 schools from

10 cities.

5 topics mastered.

1 grand



Registration Deadline: 
10 Kislev/November 14


"I cannot describe the rush of excitement when I finished the last maamar. It was like earning something you can never buy with any money in the world. Chidon has definitely impacted my life not only in learning but in believing in myself that I can reach any goal, fulfill any dream and make any vision I have a reality."

Miriam Mariasha Liberow

Learning Goal

Our goal for this year’s Chidon is to fluently master the entire Sefer HaMada of the Rambam. This sefer is the first of the Rambam’s Magnum Opus - the Mishneh Torah. In it, he discusses the principle Mitzvos and concepts of Yiddishket that are fundamental to our faith.

Each test will focus on a different topic of Halachos in the Sefer.

The sefer is in Lashon Kodesh and can be purchased at any Judaic bookstore or online here.

The translated version of the sefer is available for purchase here.


 Every four weeks there will be an accumulative test on one topic of halachos.

  • They will be available on our online testing site to be taken on your own time.  A few days before the first test, you will receive a user ID and login password for the testing website. You will use the same username and password for every test.

  • Each test will be available for 24 hours from 8:00 PM (EST) Motzei Shabbos until 8 PM (EST) Sunday night. Once you begin taking the test, you will have exactly one hour to complete it. 


  • There will be 20 multiple choice questions on each test. The questions will be written in English, but will test your knowledge of the original Hebrew words of the sefer and will contain phrases from the original text. The questions will be in order.

  • Since the goal of the Chidon is to sharpen your skills for learning inside, you may use the Hebrew sefer on the test. You may not have any writing in the sefer you use on the test. However, you may underline words or phrases. 


  • Please double check your answers after finishing the test to make sure they are correct- sometimes your answers may shift by accident while scrolling. Be careful, because if a mistake like this does happen, you will not receive points back. 

  • After sending in your test , you will be able to see your grade, but not which questions you got right or wrong. The grade you see on the screen is final and will not be changed.


Click here to access the testing website. For each of the 5 tests, use the username and password that was emailed to you before the first test.

Weekly Study Sessions

Every school has an assigned mentor who is your go-to person for any assistance you may need with studying for the Chidon. Your mentor is the teacher/bnos head who introduced the Chidon to your school.

Once you register for the Chidon, she will contact you about a weekly chavrusa session that will be available at your school.


Your mentor will be present at your school’s weekly study sessions to guide you and help with any questions you may have.
You can click
here to download our study guide.

The Grand Retreat

The retreat will begin Friday afternoon and conclude on Sunday evening with a finale dinner and the Chidon competition.

All participants with an average grade of 65% and above will be eligible to join this luxurious retreat for a $250 fee or by fundraising $500, the top ten finalists will come for free. There is limited space at the retreat and priority will be given in grade average order. All those who achieve an average score of 65% and above will receive a plaque and gift at the completion of the Chidon. 

The retreat will be an opportunity to enjoy a luxurious Shabbos filled with gourmet meals, great company, an enriching program, and engaging in-depth learning classes—a small taste of what Batsheva Learning Center offers!
(Participants from out of town will be responsible for their own travel and accommodations to and from New York prior to the retreat.

(Additional need-based scholarships may be available for participants with an average of over 65%. For information about scholarships, please contact Hadassah Shemtov at hadassah@batshevalearningcenter.com.)

Grand Championship

On Sunday evening, there will be a grand chidon competition between the top ten finalists from all the participating high schools, if applicable a zoom option will be offered for international students to compete in the grand Chidon competition.


All Chidon participants, family and friends in the New York area are invited to participate in the dinner and watch the competition. There will be a zoom option to watch the event as well.

Contestants will be asked questions to assess their mastery of the entire sefer, which they will answer orally. They will be allowed to bring their sefer on stage. The event will conclude with awarding gold, silver and bronze medals to the top three winners.

Stay in touch

When you sign up you will have the option to join a whatsapp group with the other girls who are participating. The whatsapp group is not a place for official notifications, rather it is a social network to ask friends questions and get to know the other girls who are learning the same material as you. You will be informed of all official updates via email. 

If you have questions that your mentor is unable to help with, you may contact chidon@batshevalearningcenter.com

For questions specifically about the study guide or about content on the tests, you may contact dsilberstein@batshevalearningcenter.com

Signing Up

All students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade are invited to register for this year’s Chidon. 

There is a $50 registration fee. A few days before the first test, you will receive a user ID and login password for the testing website. 
(If a week after 1st test, 24 Kislev/November 28 you can no longer participate you can receive a 50% refund for your registration fee.)

​Registration Deadline: 10 Kislev/November 14


Dates to look forward to!
Block off the following dates on your calendar.

Please note that there will be no make-up tests allowed.


10 Kislev/November 14



17 Kislev/ 21 November

Hakdama, Hilchos Yesodei Hatorah
(Minyan hamitzvos not included)


15 Teves/ 19 December

Hilchos Deios


14 Shevat / 16 January

Hilchos Talmud Torah


 12 Adar I / 13 February

Hilchos Avodas Kochavim


10 Adar II / 13 March

Hilchos Teshuvah


29 Adar II - 2 Nissan / April 1-3 

Friday Morning - Sunday night