5781 is not the year you imagined it to be. But what if you reimagined?

Challenge yourself this year to master a sefer of Chassidus that will transform your worldview.
Your year, reimagined.

Connect with dozens of high school girls around the world with the same goal.
Your high school experience, reimagined.

Leave with the confidence and the skills to open any sefer on your own.
You, reimagined.

14 schools from

10 cities


54 ma’amarim mastered.

1 grand


Registration Deadline: 

7 Cheshvan / October 25


"I cannot describe the rush of excitement when I finished the last maamar. It was like earning something you can never buy with any money in the world. Chidon has definitely impacted my life not only in learning but in believing in myself that I can reach any goal, fulfill any dream and make any vision I have a reality."

Miriam Mariasha Liberow

Learning Goal

Our goal for this year’s Chidon is to master ספר המאמרים אידיש. This sefer is a compilation of מאמרים given by the Previous Rebbe during the years 1941 - 1945, to a relatively uneducated American audience. It explores the relevant topics of תשובה ,מסירת נפש, and strengthening our observance of תורה and מצוות, and explains many foundational ideas in chassidus in clear and simple language. The sefer is available in Yiddish and Hebrew, and can be purchased at most Judaica stores.

Click here (Yiddish) or here (Hebrew)* for a link to buy the sefer online. Here and here are links to an English translation which you can use for reference while studying.

*The Hebrew sefer is currently sold out of many stores. The full Hebrew sefer can also be accessed online here.


Every four weeks there will be an accumulative test on one section of מאמרים.

  • They will be available on our online testing site (www.classmarker.com) to be taken on your own time.  A few days before the first test, you will receive a user ID and login password for the testing website. You will use the same username and password for every test.

  • Each test will be available for 24 hours from 12:00 AM(EST) Motzei Shabbos until 12 AM (EST) Sunday night. Once you begin taking the test, you will have exactly one hour to complete it. 


  • There will be 20 multiple choice questions on each test. The questions will be written in English, but will test your knowledge of the original Hebrew words of the sefer and will contain phrases from the original text. The questions will NOT necessarily be in order of the מאמרים. 

  • Since the goal of the Chidon is to sharpen your skills for learning inside, you may use the Hebrew OR Yiddish sefer on the test. You may not have any writing in the sefer you use on the test. However, you may underline words or phrases. 


  • Upon completing your test, please double check your answers to make sure they are correct. Sometimes your answers may shift by accident while scrolling. Unfortunately, we will not be able to give back points after the test is completed. ​After sending in your test , you will be able to see your grade, but not which questions you got right or wrong.


Click here to access the testing website. For each of the 5 tests, use the username and password that was emailed to you before the first test.


Every school has an assigned mentor who is your go-to person for any assistance you may need with studying for the Chidon. Your mentor is the teacher/bnos head who introduced the Chidon to your school. Once you register for the Chidon, she will contact you about a weekly study session that will be available at your school. Your mentor will be present at your school’s weekly study sessions to guide you and help with any questions you may have.


When studying for the Chidon, make sure that you can:


  • Read and understand the מאמר in the original Hebrew OR Yiddish text. The test will be open Sefer, so you do not need to memorize every detail. However, the test will be timed, so you will need to be familiar enough with the Hebrew OR Yiddish sefer to know where and how to find the answers you need, quickly.

  • Explain the מאמר in your own words. You will be expected to have a thorough understanding of the conceptual flow of the ma’amar.

  • Recognize the chassidic concepts and terminology discussed in the מאמר. You should be able to explain the concept/term itself, and understand why that particular concept/term was brought in the ma’amar. 

  • Recognize the מאמרי חז”ל/פסוקים brought in the מאמר. You should be able to translate the מאמר חז”ל/פסוק, and explain why that particular מאמר חז”ל/פסוק was brought in the מאמר. 


The tests are meant to challenge you and push you to learn the מאמרים thoroughly, but they are not there to frustrate or trick you. The value of the Chidon is the hours and effort you invest in your learning, not how high your average is.  As mentioned, all girls with a 65% average or above are able to join Chidon events. 

Click here for the study guide


After each of the four tests, there will be an exclusive chidon event .

  • All events will be virtual, so they can be accessed from anywhere! Any girl who maintains a passing average [65% or above] will be eligible to join the event that month. 


  • Programming will include workshops, farbrengens, and performances. They will be designed to complement the מאמרים you are learning, and connect you with the community of Chidon participants from around the world.

  • After the last test, there will be a final event,  where the girls with the top ten averages will compete in the grand championship! All girls who maintained a passing average will be invited to participate in the final event program.

Stay in touch

When you sign up you will have the option to join a whatsapp group with the other girls who are participating. The whatsapp group is not a place for official notifications, rather it is a social network to ask friends questions and get to know the other girls who are learning the same material as you. You will be informed of all official updates via email. 


If you have questions that your mentor is unable to help with, you may contact:



Dates to look forward to!
Block off the following dates on your calendar.

Please note that there will be no make-up tests allowed.


7 Cheshvan/ October 25



14 Cheshvan / November 1

מאמרים תש"א


13 Kislev / November 29

מאמרים תש"ב


12 Teves / December 27

מאמרים תש"ג


11 Shevat / January 24

מאמרים תש"ד


9 Adar / February 21

מאמרים תש"ה


21 Cheshvan / November 8


20 Kislev / December 6


19 Teves / January 3


18 Shevat / January 31




23 Adar / March 7



What should I do if I know I won’t be able to make it to the test?

If there is an unusual situation, you can email chidon@batshevalearningcenter.com and ask for permission to reschedule. You must email us at least one week before the scheduled test date.

How much time will I need to spend studying?

Every person studies differently. However, there are about 12 מאמרים in each section, and you need to give yourself time to study each מאמר thoroughly. You don't want to cram all the studying in the few days before the test; the best idea would be to study a couple of hours every week.

Do I need to know fluent Hebrew/Yiddish to be part of the chidon?

No! There is an English translation of the מאמרים as well as a Chidon study guide to assist you. However, you will need to be familiar with the Hebrew מאמרי חז"ל/פסוקים/terms in the מאמר, and you will only be able to use a Hebrew/Yiddish sefer for help on the test. Therefore, if you are studying with an English translation, make sure you are using a Hebrew/Yiddish sefer together with it.

Do I need to have prior experience learning Ma'amarim?

Nope! What's really cool about this particular sefer is that the Frierdiker Rebbe said these Ma'amarim for a beginner-level audience. The ideas in Chassidus are explained in an accessible, clear manner.