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Are you looking to take the learning at your school to the next level, but don't have the time or resources to build the program you want?

We're here to make it easy.


Our text-based high school curricula are designed to build your students' skills for learning nigla and chassidus from the original sources.

Each curriculum package includes textbooks and workbooks for your students plus ready-made slideshows, quizzes and a teachers' guide.

Here's what students and parents are saying:

"We were so focused on learning, that when the bell rang, we didn't want to leave."


What makes our curriculum materials unique?


Our goal is to give high schools the resources they need to create a

“Beis Midrash” track in their schools, offering advanced Limudei Kodesh studies to students who opt in to the program.


Our materials are designed for text-based, chavrusa style learning,

focused on building skills and confidence in learning original Torah sources independently.

Why create a Beis Midrash track in your school?

The choice to opt in creates more buy-in from students

Students who want to focus primarily on Limudei Kodesh in high school can do so

It creates a sense of community and belonging for students who are passionate about learning

Student-centered learning creates more engagement & enthusiasm

Chavrusa learning builds confidence and skills

Full Curriculum Package


Slideshows including:

  • Discussion questions

  • Background Information

  • Key takeaways

  • Charts and diagrams

Teachers’ guide including:

  • Answer key

  • Teaching suggestions

  • Key takeaways from each unit

  • Supplementary reading

  • Sample projects/assignments for each unit

Student workbooks including:

  • Summaries

  • Background information

  • Hard words

  • Guiding questions

  • Charts and diagrams

So much more...

  • Multiple choice quizzes for each lesson

  • Exclusive teacher training session

  • Ongoing support from our curriculum team for one year

  • Lifetime access to a discussion forum with other teachers

  • 20% discount on student books


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