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G-d’s Oneness and Why it Matters 



  • The Rebbe Rashab’s maamer Veyadaata 5657 (or more affectionately known as Veyadaata Moskva) is renowned as one of the fundamental texts for comprehension of Chabad chassidic philosophy. In this course, we will explore the idea of achdus Hashem, the Oneness of G-d, in the Rebbe Rashab’s famously simple yet profound style. Our study will focus heavily on the analysis of the Rebbe Rashab’s analogies and how they enable us to comprehend abstract, spiritual concepts. We will learn how this newfound understanding of G-d’s presence in our lives can change the way that we view life’s challenges and bring us to serve G-d with greater faith and joy. You will walk out with a mastery of these fundamental concepts, as well tools to tackle any text of chassidus on your own!

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