Interview Series Episode 2: Tonia Chazanow

When did you first get into learning Tanya?

Tanya was always my first and constant love throughout my learning. When I was in middle school, I had a chavrusa with my counselor. I must have been the most annoying camper because we learned almost every night and if we didn’t I would call her multiple times until we did. There were definitely things that I did not understand and that I didn’t necessarily have a deep appreciation for, but I was always drawn to it. Then, when I learned it in high school, the life was kind of sucked out of it. It seemed very technical and it wasn’t inspiring. Then, when I went to seminary and Rabbi Friedman (from Tzfat) was my teacher, he once again reignited my love for Tanya. I started taking my Tanya learning much more seriously and wanted to have a handle on the whole Tanya, not just on specific topics.