Mishna for Moms

Three things have been occupying my days over the past few months - preparing and recording the last of the forty-nine podcast episodes on the daily daf of Sotah, planning the details for a brand new Mishna course that we’re launching this summer, and most significantly, becoming a mom (for the second time) of a beautiful baby boy (for the first time). As I juggle the various roles in my life, these three life events started to come together.


I was six months pregnant when my sister and I started the ambitious project of producing a daily Sotah podcast for sefiras haomer. We had two months until Pesach and three months until my due date, so it was a wild race against the clock to record as many episodes as possible before the baby arrived. We started off recording three a week, but once Pesach came and we only finished half the episodes, we upped our game to recording one or two episodes per day. I was already on maternity leave at that point so my days became completely consumed with learning, researching and recording. I lived and breathed Maseches Sotah, spending every free moment plowing through as many commentaries as I could. As my due date grew closer, I knew in the back of my mind that any day now, I might need to drop everything (at least temporarily) and allow the little person about to be born to take over my l