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A Peek at Our Summer Retreat

As we return home from two incredible weeks at Batsheva Academy's second annual summer retreat, we would like to share with you a glimpse into the experience we had this summer.

Located in the scenic town of Rhinebeck, NY, the retreat was a refreshing getaway from the city.

We were up early each of morning to for an in-depth Chassidus class, taught by Natalie Ling who brought the concepts of the maamar that we studied to life.

Throughout the day Mrs. Chana Silberstein, Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe and Rabbi Eli Silberstein challenged our minds with classes in Gemara, Midrash and Halacha.

After spending an hour and a half deciphering the texts on our own, our teachers guided us in dissecting and analyzing the texts, shedding new light on the material and sharpening our independent learning skills.

In the afternoons and evenings, we took a break from the books to enjoy recreational activities, such as hiking, swimming and painting.

We spent time bonding together as a group, forming a community for ourselves of like-minded women who share our passion and love for learning.

For many of us, the program opened up a new world of learning that we never felt was available to us before. It empowered us with the skill, knowledge and confidence to return to these texts on our own and make Torah learning an integral part of our lives.


Here is what some of our students and teachers had to say at the end of the program:

"I was deeply moved by the sincerity and devotion of the group. I've truly gained as much as I've given."

- Natalie Ling, Chassidus teacher

"I was never given this much independence in my Torah learning before. I feel so empowered to know that I can open a sefer and learn it myself. I hope to be able to go home and incorporate this kind of learning into my regular schedule."

- Rivkie Grunwald

"After this program, I realized that there is so much out there for me to learn and discover. and that's really empowering."

- Friedi Holtzberg

"It's been incredible to immerse myself in an atmosphere of uninterrupted learning with peers who are like-minded and teachers who are both knowledgeable and empowering"

- Chana Rosa Bogart


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