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Summer Reflections

In 2014 I discovered the joy of learning. The experience showed me the sweetness of pouring over a page of Gemara, the depth and knowledge of Chassidus, and how I've barely scratched the surface of what Torah has to offer. That unforgettable experience was the opportunity to join Batsheva Academy's summer retreat. When I joined I worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up. Not knowing the other girls made me afraid of looking ignorant or delaying the class momentum with my questions. My fears we unfounded. Instead, I found a group of girls that I call my friends until today. Learning together that summer, I felt like I could master anything. A dynamic blend of intense partner and classroom study gave the teacher the flexibility to meet the level of each participant. The partner study gave each student the opportunity to come into the classroom prepared with a strong knowledge of the material enabling her to confidently contribute to class discussions. The teachers were phenomenal. Their joy in learning and vast, varied knowledge created an atmosphere that inspired growth and learning. All questions were valid. Any challenge in understanding was met with patience and skill. Not only did I not feel ignorant or inadequate, I felt empowered. I felt that I had found a safe haven where I could allow myself to be nourished by the deep wisdom I found in Gemara and Chassidus. And the experience was more than just learning. We got time to relax together and connect . What a blessing it was to be a part of something so beautiful that I can cherish and take throughout life.

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