Mind Frame of the Future

Kosher Idolatry

Sometimes I observe religious Jewish communities and it amazes me how they’ve managed to create all of the comforts and conveniences imaginable, carefully crafted to fit around the structure of halacha. Pesach cleaning got difficult and we ran out of gluten free recipes, so we invented luxurious Pesach retreats that would supply us with a 5-star Pesach vacation, including three meals a day of foods that taste so authentic, it’s hard to believe that they’re chametz free. We got jealous of Hershey bars and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, so we created our own top quality dairy products. As Jewish life developed, we created kosher clothing lines, kosher restaurants, kosher cruises, kosher gyms, leading up to the most modern invention of the kosher light switch. If the Shobbos lamps weren’t enough, one clever engineer decided our lives were much too inconvenient with the restriction on flipping the light switch. He managed to invent a contraption that would technically not transgress the prohibition of lighting a fire on Shobbos, based on numerous loopholes in the law (which have arguable legitimacy).