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DATES: 12 - 19 Tammuz, 5778

June 25 - July 2, 2018

TUITION (full program): $380


COMMUTERS (day classes and lunch only): $250

SHABBOS only: $150

(Scholarships and payment plans available)




Vallevue Estate is located at 33 Picatinny Rd, Morristown, NJ. All of our classes will be held there. All meals and sleeping arrangements will be provided there. We will also be able to take advantage of Vallevue's beautiful and extensive grounds, and a variety of recreational activities will be available to us.

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Join us this June for a week-long learning experience that will challenge your mind and refresh your spirit with a taste of authentic, yeshiva-style learning. Delve into the original texts of halacha, gemara and chassidus and discover a world of learning that is both refreshing and empowering.

This is Batsheva's 4th annual summer program and this year we're coming back east! We will be spending the week on the beautiful and spacious Vallevue Estate, in Morristown, NJ.

At Batsheva Learning Center, we believe in empowering our students to explore the original Torah texts independently and guiding them in the process of analyzing and appreciating the depth of Torah learning.  We handpick our staff of experienced, knowledgeable and passionate instructors who are excited to challenge you to open your mind and delve into the world of Torah.

This year's summer retreat teachers: 

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Chana Silberstein


Chana Silberstein has been a loyal board member and invaluable mentor for Batsheva Learning Center since its inception, helping us define our vision and pathways of growth. Back by popular demand, she'll be joining us again this summer as our midrash teacher. Her classes will introduce a deeper approach to studying and analyzing midrash, using poignant examples from Midrash Rabbah on the book Rus.

Mushky Gershon


Mushky Gershon is a teacher who most enjoys improving her students' textual learning skills and challenging their modes of thinking. She feels that text-based learning of the original sources is a powerful tool in uncovering and appreciating the depth found therein. She is excited to join Batsheva Learning Center in making authentic Jewish learning accessible to all Jewish women.

Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe


Rabbi Yaffe is an innovative educator who has been involved in providing high level Torah learning opportunities for women for over 25 years. He has been a dedicated board member and teacher since Batsheva Learning Center's first steps as an organization and he is excited about being a part of creating a new generation of empowered female leader and educators. He'll be joining us for the third time this summer to teach s class on the evolution of halacha.

Baila Piekarski


Mrs. Piekarski is a dynamic and creative educator who worked as a high school teacher for close to two decades before becoming principal of the local elementary school in Morristown. She is renowned for her focus on sharpening her students' critical thinking skills and fostering independence in their learning. She's excited to share her passion for Chassidus at her evening classes this summer.

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Get ready to challenge yourself as you delve into original Torah sources: 

  • Chavrusa learning: In order to facilitate the independent learning experience, a large portion of the day is spent preparing material with a chavrusa (roughly 1.5 hours of each class). Teachers will assign material, guide questions, and learning objectives, and will be available to guide students and answer questions for the duration of the chavrusa time. Haven't done this before? No worries! No experience is necessary- just come prepared for a brand new learning experience 

  • Facilitated Discussion: After chavrusa time, instructors will lead a discussion based on the material prepared. The instructor will question the students on the material they have prepared and guide them in analyzing the text and discovering deeper insights. 

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What our students had to say about last year's program... 

"I was never given this much independence in my Torah learning before. I feel so empowered to know that I can open a sefer and learn it myself. I hope to be able to go home and incorporate this kind of learning into my regular schedule."

- Rivkie Grunwald

"After this program, I realized that there is so much out there for me to learn and discover. and that's really empowering."

- Friedi Holtzberg

"It's been incredible to immerse myself in an atmosphere of uninterrupted learning with peers who are like-minded and teachers who are both knowledgeable and empowering"

- Chana Rosa Bogart

Visit our blog to read some of our alumni's journal essays from previous retreats.

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