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Rambam Campaign

Rambam Campaign

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About the Campaign:

Studying Rambam daily is an initiative started by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the spring of 1984. The initiative included 3 tracks:

The first involved studying 3 chapters a day, to complete all 14 books of the Rambam’s Mishnah Torah in one year. The second involved one chapter daily, completing the entire cycle in under 3 years. The third track was to study the daily portion of Sefer Hamitzvos that paralleled the 3-chapters-a-day cycle.

The Rebbe insisted that Rambam is not only for intellectuals or learned people. In fact, the campaign of learning Rambam was intended to unite Jews of all ages and backgrounds.

In a talk in 1987, the Rebbe addressed a group of women about the Rambam initiative and said that while many women may only have the time/capability to learn the Sefer Hamitzvos cycle, those who can, should strive for the higher 2 tracks as well.

#1PerekADay is an initiative for women and girls of all ages to learn the entire first sefer of the Rambam, Sefer Hamada, in a span of 9 weeks - along with the 1-chapter-a-day cycle. 

This year is the 14th cycle of the 1 chapter a day track of studying Rambam.


Our goal is to get 14 pairs of women to sign up to join the campaign.

Signing up includes being invited to bi-weekly shiurim regarding the topics being learned, as well as being added to a WhatsApp group designed specifically for summaries, questions, and discussion regarding the daily Rambam!

Ready to take on the challenge?

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