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Heichalzu - Chassidus, Fall 5779

How to make space for the people around you


Written by Mrs. Natalie Rice


"Heichaltzu" is a fundamental maamar of the Rebbe Rashab that offers a practical and relatable approach to the mitzvah of ahavas yisrael. It discusses the root of our inability to get along with other people and how that expresses itself in every area of our lives. This course will give you a thorough exploration of the text of this maamar, allowing you to discover the depth and beauty of the Rashab's original words. You will walk out with a mastery of fundamental concepts in chassidus, as well as the tools to tackle any text of chassidus on your own.

(Includes a Handbook to guide you in the study of the maamar. You can purchase the text of the maamar here or here.)

Bishul & Pas Yisroel - Halacha, Fall 5779

A Study of its Underlying Principles and Modern Applications

Written by Mrs. Mushky Gershon

Sources compiled by Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka

This course offers a comprehensive analysis of the underlying reasons for the chachomim's institution of pas yisrael and bishul yisrael. You will study how the parameters of the halachos developed by studying the original sources in the Gemara and the Shulchan Aruch. Then, you will learn how to apply these halachos to modern day scenarios. You will walk out with a mastery of these halachos, a deeper understanding of the halachic process, and basic tools to tackle any halachic text on your own.

(Includes a Sourcebook with a compilation of halachic sources, as well as a handbook to guide you in the study of the sources.)

Viyadata - Chassidus, Spring 5779

G-d’s Oneness and Why it Matters 

Written by Mrs. Zeldy Friedman

The Rebbe Rashab’s maamer Veyadaata 5657 is renowned as one of the fundamental texts for comprehension of Chabad chassidic philosophy. In this course, you will explore the idea of achdus Hashem, the Oneness of G-d, in the Rebbe Rashab’s famously simple yet profound style. Our study will focus heavily on the analysis of the Rebbe Rashab’s analogies and how they enable us to comprehend abstract, spiritual concepts. You will learn how this newfound understanding of G-d’s presence in our lives can change the way that we view life’s challenges and bring us to serve G-d with greater faith and joy. You will walk out with a mastery of these fundamental concepts, as well tools to tackle any text of chassidus on your own!

(Includes a Sourcebook with the text of the maamar, as well as a handbook to guide you in the study of the text.)

Hamafkid - Gemara, Spring 5779

A Beginners Guide to the Language and Reasoning of Gemara

Developed by Rabbi Levi Kaplan


“Hamafkid” is the title of the second chapter of Maseches Bava Metzia and discusses laws related to the four categories of shomrim discussed in the Torah. In this course, you will explore this classic sugya as an introduction to the world of Talmudic language and reasoning. You’ll learn how to break down the text of the Mishna and Gemara and analyze it based on the classic commentaries. Whether you’ve never opened a Gemara before or you’re already a seasoned learner, this course is sure to develop your skills and challenge your mind with the compelling logic of the Gemara

(Includes a Handbook to guide you through the study of the sugya. You can purchase the gemara itself  here.)

Inyana Shel Toras Hachassidus - Chassidus, Fall 5780

Exploring the Essence

Developed by Mrs. Zeldy Friedman

What is Chassidus? Inspirational insights to pull us through dark times? Explanations of the esoteric teachings of Kabbalah? In this foundational text, you'll rediscover chassidus as an unveiling of the essence of Judaism. Using the case-study of Modeh Ani, it introduces a radically new approach to Torah that uncovers the core of all four levels of Torah interpretation - Pshat, Remez, Drush and Sod. In this text-based course, we will thoroughly analyze and compare these four dimensions, and understand the profound perspective that chassidus reveals in each one.

Hakones - Gemara, Fall 5780

A Beginner’s Guide to the Language and Reasoning of Gemara

Developed by Rabbi Levi Kaplan 

In this classic sugya in the 6th Perek of Bava Kama, we analyze how intent impacts our responsibility for hazards that our property or livestock may cause. This course will take you on a thrilling journey through this fascinating topic, as an introduction to the language and reasoning of Gemara. You’ll learn how to break down the text of the Mishna and Gemara and develop skills for studying a page of Gemara on your own!

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