Batsheva Learning Center is named for Batsheva Silberstein a"h (pictured left), a pioneering visionary and an influential leader in her community.


Born in communist Russia, Batsheva was raised with a selfless devotion to her Jewish beliefs. She married in the early fifties and settled with her husband in Antwerp, Belgium.


There she became an activist and advocate for the Jewish community. Empowered by the Rebbe, and driven by her vision for Jewish continuity, she founded an organization that rescued hundreds of Jewish families from behind the Iron Curtain. She engaged dozens of women to join her clandestine operations, and led them in providing these Jews with their material and spiritual necessities.


Batsheva's life was devoted to inspiring others to become activists and leaders within their communities. We are honored to bear the name of this unique woman, and we hope to continue her legacy with our vision for a future of empowered Jewish women.

Batsheva Silberstein a"h at her daughter's wedding