Board of Directors

Chana Silberstein, PhD.

Chana Silberstein has been the educational director of Chabad of Ithaca for 32 years. She was the dean of curriculum for the Rohr Jewish  Learning Institute for 9 years and she was instrumental in opening three schools. Mrs. Silberstein is currently an organizational consultant. Her clients include Merkos Room 302 and Menachem Educational Foundation. Mrs. Silberstein has ben an invaluable mentor for the Batsheva Learning Center since its inception, helping us define its vision and pathways of growth. 

Shlomo Yaffe

Rabbi Yaffe is a scholar and lecturer who has led seminars worldwide. He lives in Springfield, MA, serves as rabbi of Congregation Bnai Torah, and serves as the Dean of the Institute of American and Talmudic Law and the director of the Institute for Judaic Knowledge. Rabbi Yaffe is an innovative educator who has been involved in providing high level Torah learning opportunities for women for over 25 years. He has been a dedicated board member and teacher since our first steps as an organization and he is excited about being a part of creating a new generation of empowered female leader and educators.

Batsheva Altein

Batsheva Altein is one of the founding members of Batsheva Learning Center. She directs, advises, proofreads, writes our emails and ensures that Batsheva Learning Center is top notch in its professionalism and organization. She has experience coordinating programs at organizations including The Jewish Children’s Museum, The Algemeiner and Friendship Circle International. Batsheva is a driving force behind the organization and will continue to contribute to our growth from abroad, after moving back to her hometown, London, this summer.

Executive Committee 

Hadassah Shemtov

Executive Director 

Hadassah Shemtov is a visionary who is passionate about education and excited about creating innovative learning opportunities for women. She lives in Los Angeles and teaches at a local high school. She co-founded Batsheva Learning Center in 2014 and continues to direct the organization’s ongoing activities. She is excited to be teaching the first Batsheva learning Center course in LA this fall.

Chaya Zeitlein 

Social Media &

Chidon Coordinator

Chaya works behind the scenes as our social media voice. Simultaneously, she is the power and vision behind the high school chidon initiative.  Chaya has created and executed the yearly high school chidon, and recently took on the Batsheva social media accounts. 

Chaya Green

Program Coordinator

Originally from Westborough, MA, Chaya last studied in a women's seminary in Milan. Her wide range of hobbies include traveling, swimming, hiking and watching the sunrise. Chaya loves learning new things, meeting new people and has a dream to reform the system so all students can be successful.  Chaya is "excited to join BLC because I love delving into chassidus to make it applicable to real life. I believe that every woman deserves the chance to be inspired and keep her connection real!"

Malka Solomon


Malka Solomon brings an eye for efficiency and a love for women's education to building and maintaining our growing organization's infrastructure. She has a happy and calm spirit, and a deep appreciation for organization and working 'behind the scenes'.  She has her Bachelors of Science from Boston University, and is currently on the road to becoming a Certified Lactation Consultant. She is originally from Newton, MA and now lives in Hillside, NJ with her husband and two children.